Owner Elmaz Tahirovic and Adnan Tahirovic of La Fontana in North Palm Beach, FL

Owner Elmaz Tahirovic and Executive Adnan Tahirovic of La Fontana in North Palm Beach, FL.

Welcome to our La Fontana Pizzeria & Ristorante- family owned & operated, in North Palm Beach, Florida!

We at La Fontana Pizzeria & Ristorante like to think our restaurant is synonymous with a warm and inviting feeling.

A table of gathering, where one shares more than just great food!

It’s the time we reconnect, rejoice in abundance of quality foods, share our days, our thoughts, make plans, laugh at each other, and simply enjoy what’s so important in life: one another!

It would not be a gathering in our home, if there weren’t family: this magical food experience shared among us all.

So, welcome to our family!

We can write novels to tell you how our lives unfolded and how this immigrant Bosnian & Croatian family ended up in this little corner of the world. But that’s a long story, but please feel free to ask us.

We hope to bring you not just a great meal, cooked with passion, but an experience fueled with vibrant Mediterranean energy in a setting of a family~

The same way we do in our own homes.

And let there be food!

And bottomless decanters of delicious vino!

Welcome to our home!