The Dish: Hightlights from Local Menu’s

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The Dish: Hightlights from Local Menu’s

The Dish: Grilled chicken and mozzarella hero

The Place: La Fontana, Crystal Tree Plaza, 1201 U.S. 1, No. 38, North Palm Beach; 408-3295 or

The Price: $9.95

The Details: If La Fontana’s theme is Italian, its owners are decidedly Balkan — the menu offers a nice list of savory sausage and Mediterranean salad dishes. We’ve heard those dishes are quite tasty, but we wanted something a little

lighter one recent rainy afternoon. This hero fit the bill nicely.

Grilled chicken was layered on a freshly toasted roll and covered with decadent melted mozzarella. Sliced tomatoes lent a sweet touch and bits of basil brought a delicate aroma that made us hungry for more.

Service that visit was friendly and efficient, and next time we visit, we hope the weather is conducive to dining outside near the restaurant’s namesake fountain. We’ll be back. ¦

— Scott Simmons

 (Florida Weekly)